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Avocado Con SF!

Sounds amazing, right?! Avocado Con hosted by SPARK Social SF was held this past weekend in Mission Bay. For this avocado lover I was pretty ecstatic to be infused with everything avocado amazingness. I wasn't sure if I just had high expectations or my inner event geek came out but this event could have been wayyyy better. It was basically a bunch of food trucks in a small confined space providing avocado inspired dishes with long lines. They had a wide range from tacos, crepes, fries, burgers, to ice cream. Some suggestions for other cities planning on doing an avocado con/festival, take note!

If you plan on having thousands of people and it's sold out, plan big! Have avocado toast, this was a huge disappointment since they did advertise it but it was no where to be found. Retail store selling avocado apparel, gifts, hipstery type of signs. I saw a woman wearing avocado leggings! I want that. Avocado themed arts and crafts. Photobooth - because everyone loves photoboothsThe …

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